Device Trust for Okta


In this demo we'll go over:

  • The challenges of implementing device trust with Okta
  • How Kolide integrates with Okta to keep untrusted devices from accessing your company's apps
  • How end-user remediation removes the IT bottleneck that often derails Zero Trust initiatives


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Octopus Energy
Device Trust Done Right
Kolide stops unknown and untrusted devices from accessing protected apps by bringing device posture into your Okta authentication.

Remove IT Bottlenecks

We show users how to remediate their own device issues, which means fewer blocked users and tickets for IT.

Unmatched Customization

Define your own device posture and go beyond basic checkbox compliance for your cross-platform fleet.

Seamless Okta Integration

Kolide fits into your existing authentication flow and works alongside the factors you already sequence.

bret_prins"We needed a scalable solution that could help us seek out risks in our fleet of machines and remediate them without adding load to our service desk. With Kolide, we’re able to gather very specific data points at rapid speed and high accuracy, which is not something most MDMs are capable of..."

Bret Prins
Manager, IT at Jobber



Help employees

help security

Kolide provides end users with rich remediation instructions so they can immediately resolve device issues on their own, helping to:

  • Remove IT bottlenecks
  • Educate and empower users 
  • Strengthen security culture